Back to School/Work Bundle

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Back to School can be a bit hectic, and packing lunch for the little ones (and yourself 😅) is just an added stress - especially when trying to avoid single-use plastic. 

We all want a non-toxic lunch box that will safely store food and keep it fresh, whilst also ensuring it’s easy to clean!

So we’ve created the Back to School/Work Bundle, which will not only benefit you and your children's health but also your wallet and the environment, by reducing packaging and food waste.

Getting your Lunch Swag out will undoubtedly turn heads, so it's also a great opportunity to discuss the concept of sustainability with co-workers or your kids' fellow class mates! 


Our reusable and machine washable Lunch Swags when dry, are the perfect replacement for plastic sandwich bags, and if dampened down, they will also keep cut fruit and veggies fresh as you can pop a mini ice pack in the back pocket (and we know fresher produce means a higher chance their lunchbox will come home empty 😎). Plus the vegan wax wraps are the perfect replacement for anything you'd wrap in cling wrap - super easy to use and clean!


Lunch Swags

  • Reusable and Machine-Washable (cold water)
  • Colour-Coded Trim
  • Non-toxic/Chemical-free
  • Made from 100% Unbleached, Unseeded Cotton
  • 100% Compostable (excluding care label)
  • Ethical & Fair-Trade (SEDEX)

Swag Wraps

  • Non-Greasy
  • 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton
  • Lovingly Hand-Crafted in South Australia
  • Vegan Friendly Plant-Based Wax
  • Damar Resin used (no Pine Resin) & Jojoba Oil
  • Certified Palm Oil-Free & Reusable (POFCAP) 


Pack sandwiches, fruit or snacks into your Lunch Swag. The Lunch Swag will also help insulate hot or cold food and has a nifty back pocket for a mini ice pack.

When finished, turn inside out, and cold machine wash preferably with non-toxic washing powder. Dry in full sun if possible. And repeat!

Got questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us via the Chatbot. Happy Swagging!

A portion of every Swag product sold goes to Destiny Rescue helping children trapped in modern-day slavery. Learn more.