• Summer Coconut Shake Recipe

    Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot summer day like a coconut shake. This delightfully tropical beverage is refreshing, hydrating, tasty and full of all the healthy fats that will help keep you satisfied and satiated. 

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  • Six Environmental Change-Makers Share Their New Year's "Evolutions"

    Whether you’re one of the 80% who give up on your resolutions by February, or you’re still trying to find one that feels right for you, we thought who better to be guided by, than some of the legends and leaders in the sustainability space, already doing it? Read More
  • Vegan Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Meringue Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream

    Cherries are in season! And our very talented friend has shared one of her special recipes using these delicious drupes!  Crisp... Read More
  • 5 Thrifty Ways To Use Your Leftovers

    Left overs are pretty unavoidable at this time of the year. Here at The Swag, we're all about lightening our impact, reducing food waste and avoiding plastic. So to help you help the world, we're sharing five ways you can put your leftovers into good use! Read More
  • Grilled Summer Peach Recipe

    Peaches may just be summer’s best fruit. There. We said it.  So, in celebration of summer and all things delicious, we are sharing our drool-worthy grilled peaches recipe.

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  • DIY Zero Waste Holiday Gift Recipe

    It’s the holiday season! Which means it’s the season of giving. It’s also the season of abundance, which usually means, plenty of left over food and quite often, waste. After discovering the impact of the coffee industry, we did some research in ways to reuse coffee grounds! So we're sharing this tried and tested fantastic coffee-infused body scrub recipe - the perfect waste-free gift for a loved ones.

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  • From Soil to Steep: Our soul-soothing tea recipe

    Here, in our garden, on the east coast of Australia, lavender is blooming bright, the peppermint leaves are releasing fragrant oils and the bees are happy. So as we enjoy our last month of the in-between, we’re sharing a soul-soothing recipe, from soil-to-steep. Read More
  • 5 leave-no-trace camping tips to consider on your next adventure!

    Many of us have camping on the agenda, so it’s never been more important to be conscious of how we travel. So to help you along the way, Cait, our newest member to The Swag team, and resident expert camper is sharing her top 5 leave-no-trace camping tips! Read More
  • Creamy, Zesty Vegan Pesto

    Pesto is one of the easiest (and tastiest!) sauces to make, and as basil is in season (and our garden in providing a plentiful yield) we thought it no better time to share our simple, vegan pesto recipe (which, if we’re honest, we’ve NAILED).

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